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The creative spirit that drives me is also drawing me to fashion almost invisible worlds, which emerge freely, even in constraining, singular conditions and more subtle light.

I am particularly attracted by organic and mineral elements, often disused by nature, which are for me great sources of inspiration and discovery. They metamorphose, meet or unite to create a new order of things, an assemblage of colors and unusual shapes, when they are fed with a little water, snow, frost or ice, or even surrounded by artistic vagueness. Certain traits and aspects of our humanity are included and revealed through the metamorphoses of these elements considered as inert, but themselves bearers of stories.

It is in the imagination, and places where we rarely look, that the greatest realities are often found!

Water is a meeting place, my common thread, the link that unites and strengthens…


I seek to capture the radiance of matter, the brightness, the liveliness and the tranquility that it brings and transports in the hearts of humans, especially at times when everything seems extinct, colorless, gloomy…,